Before You Begin To Launch A Blog/Site

Which Blogging Platform Is Best?

Do you know what things need to consider before setting up a blog/site?

Before you begin, first thing you need to consider about is blogging platform.
These 2 blogging platforms are the most important platform and you have to choose depending upon your requirements.

BLOGGER platform is very easy to handle (I will prefer Blogger for the beginners). Blogger is a free service and easy to learn. You don’t have to be a coding specialist. You can easily design and set the layout with blogger’s simple editor. All the photos you upload are stored in your google account server and not in your own server.
As blogger is a google product Search engine optimization is already covered in this platform.
Learn more how to set up your blog using blogger platform.

On the other side beginner may find WordPress platform little bit tedious. WordPress platform is complex platform. If you have self hosted site with wordpress you can enjoy all the features and functionalities of the platform.
Shared hosting version ( offers few functionalities.
WordPress has thousands of plugins which makes word press better than Blogger. Because of this WordPress can be a great platform if you get help from someone who has knowledge of it, or you can explore on trial and error basis.

I am going to tell you about self hosted site setup, for that learn how to set up WordPress blog.

Before you choose your platform think on below points
What you want your blog to do?
Do you really need additional plugins from WordPress?
Do blogger platform fulfil your needs?

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So in conclusion
Choose Blogger if you want free, customizable, easy to use.
Choose WordPress if you want advance features and functionalities.

Get Your Own Domain Name

Do you finalize with your blogging platform? Are you serious about your blog?
Then this is the right time to register your unique domain name. There are two types of domain names depending on which hosting you are going to use.

1) Shared Hosting – if you use shared hosting your domain name will be like
– It doesn’t look professional and doesn’t show your seriousness.

2) Self Hosting – If you are planning to use self hosted version your domain name will look like Simple isn’t it.
– Anyone can remember easily.
– It looks professional.
– It shows that you are serious with your blog.
– You own it so you can set up mail address, move to other platform, change your brand/blog at any time. (quite interesting is it)

Register Your Domain Name

If you want to go with shared hosting there are two most commonly use platform
You just visit these sites, fill their simple form and you are ready with your domain name.

If you choose self hosting domain name you can register at any provider. I used Godaddy for my site.


Setup Web Hosting

Great!!! You got your domain name. Now its time to Host your site. If you go with WordPress you will need to set up web hosting. BlueHost offers a wide range of monthly packages.
Just choose your package and when it ask for your domain name, enter the name which you want to register as your site name (In my case i put
If you already have a domain name there is a check box option ” I have a domain name ” then follow through the checkout process.
If you registered your domain name elsewhere you have to link your domain name with your web hosting account. Thats it. Go through how to link domain name with hosting account.

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If you choose Blogger there is no need to choose separate web hosting service. Your blog is already hosted on google server for you.
Just check how to set up your existing domain name on blogger.

Blogging Tips, SEO, plugins

During our journey towards a successful blogging i will explore and share with you different tips, reviews, SEO things, different plugins etc etc 🙂

So Best Of Luck friends for your blogging.

Do you have more points regarding which platform need to choose? I am interested to hear from you.