How To Create Google Plus Page

On the way to improve your social media presence Google Plus is another popular way.
I will recommend to create a separate google plus page for your site or brand.
When you create a page it works like google+ profile. You can share anything including images and videos. You can add people to your circle. But here only difference is you can add those people to your circle who added you

Google Plus Page


Let’s see how to create a google plus page for our brand.

  1. Go to Create Page
  2. Choose your business type
    Ex. If you are creating page for your blog choose brand option.
  3. once you select business type next page open will be Create A google+ page
  4. Fill page name, website URL and category.
  5. Agree the terms and click create page.
  6. Fill all the necessary information about your site  on your google plus brand page.
  7. You should enter the description about your brand and upload the image.
  8. Google+ team has integrated image editor which helps in enhancement of your profile picture.
  9. Once you finish with your google + page creation share your page on your google plus profile and other social media sites so that you will start getting followers for your page.

Do let us know about your google+ page. If already created share with us and increase your followers 🙂

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