Getting Started Towards A Blog or Website

I want to write a blog, I want to design my own site but WHAT TO DO? HOW TO DO?
Ahhh lot of questions. Yes same questions i had faced when i thought to write/design a blog.

But with continuous research and lot more reading lands me here to help you my friends with blog creation, design, ideas, and lot more.

I’m so glad that you’ve landed to my website because that means there are few things

  • You are ready to learn, explore new things.
  • You are looking for help.
  • You are passionate about blog, website.
  • You stuck at some point.
  • You want to grow further.

Then here i am starting a whole new series dedicated to BLOG/WEBSITE.

Like you all, i also started from somewhere. Here my goal is to help you all in setting up a blog. And share my experience related to blog/website.

So here we go…..

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