How To Create A Facebook Fan Page

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Facebook Page


Why You Need Facebook Page?

As Facebook is the most popular social media site, most small and medium business plans go with Facebook to promote their brand.
So Facebook is one of the most commonly use platform to promote brand by creating Facebook page.

With 850+ million users worldwide Facebook is the top most popular social networking site. By creating Facebook page you are able to connect with your readers, subscribers and customers spread across the world.
If you are ignoring Facebook for marketing and branding you are missing lot more amount of potential in the way reader and clients of your site, blog.

Of course there are positive as well as negative impact on your brand but as far as todays topic concerned lets see

Step by Step Guide to Create Facebook Page

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Click on pages tab
  • On next page you will find 3 parts
    Pages you work on
    Page Invites
    Suggested pages (Don’t worry you don’t have to do anything with this)
  • Click on Create Page
  • Choose a name for your page – As told earlier your name should be unique. I recommend that your name should contain your brand name.
  • Select A Category and then Subcategory –¬†Selecting the proper category will allow your brand to reach more and right audience. Ex. If you are creating your page for your website, then in category select website/blog and in subcategory select personal website.
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Facebook Page Type

  • Click on Get Started –¬†Once you click Get Started next page will be optional and you can skip those steps.
  • Write into the box brief about purpose of your page.
    Ex. In my case i will write, Let me help you is a collection of articles helps bloggers to help in their blog issues.


  • Enter Website URL

Congrats your Facebook page created successfully it will look something like this


now it’s time to Add Profile picture. Your brand logo will be the best choice as your profile picture.

Once you done your Facebook page will be like as shown in below picture.

Do you think it’s necessary to create a Facebook fan page for every brand ? Share with us.