How to make money Blogging – Guide For 2017

You know everyone thinks that, ” who don’t have any professional work, they start a blog “. To most of the people blogging is just a time pass. Most of them don’t even know about blogging.  But some people ask me do we really make money by blogging ? This guide is for those people to make them make understand how to make money blogging.



You want to make money right ? of course you do. It’s perfect for those who already have a blog. Don’t worry if don’t know the one.

Check this step by step guide of how to create a blog ?

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I wondered, when I read about a blogger making six figures a year. In 2014 I began to blog hardly one post in a week or so. I had no idea at that time what I was doing would lead to a complete change in my profession. Also no experience or profile in the world of online space. I did not make any money from my first blogs for almost 1 year or rather I can say I didn’t even know that we can make a money blogging. when I did start to try to make money from them the first income was just a few dollars a week – but gradually in time my income grew from a part-time income to a full-time income and then beyond. This guide will help you to understand how to make money blogging.

How to make money Blogging – Step-By-Step

Whether you are a beginner or already blogging a while, here are the basic steps for making money with a blog

  1. Set up your blog
  2. Create useful content
  3. Start finding readers / Start building relationships on social media
  4. Convert visitors into email subscribers
  5. Establish a strong platform
  6. Choose your income stream

The process is simple on paper, But each step is complicated and require some basic skills.

Step 1- Set up a blog

If you want to make money blogging you must have a blog. if you don’t have a blog yet don’t worry, here are step by step guide to get your blog ready.

Yes you can start a blog FREE. But when you use free service, you don’t have a full control over your blog. This can be risky work if you rely on your blog for income.


 Step 2 – Create useful content

Congratulations! So your blog is ready ! But

A blog will not be called blog if there is no content. Once you set up you blog, you have to concentrate on creating useful content. It’s time to showcase your expertise & experience. Write informative posts and articles about your chosen topic.

In order to make money, you must have blog visitors. But in order to have blog visitors, you must have informative, useful, knowledge based content for the visitors.

The key with creating content is to make it as useful as possible. Focus upon creating content that changes people’s lives in some way. Type of content will be like that people will value the most.


Step 3 – Start finding readers / Build Relationships

Awesome you create contents for your blog ! You set up a blog. You create awesome content. Now there should be readers to read your content. While you are creating valuable content, start finding your readers and start building relationships with people. Start by thinking carefully about the type of reader you’d like to have read your blog. When you know who you’re hoping to read your blog solicit yourself where those people might be already gathering online.

With so many social media sites it’s difficult to know where to start ? isn’t it ? Let me make that simple for you. First think about your target audience hangs out on social media.

If your blog is for moms, fashions, students etc. Facebook, Pinterest might be best. If your blog is for business personnel LinkedIn, Twitter are the place where you need to concentrate.

Other than just hanging out on social media to find readers, participate in Facebook groups, comment on other blogs, join forums. Find or start your own group.

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Step 4 – Convert visitors into email subscribers

Now at this stage you are able to find readers for your blog. Those readers are visiting your blog, reading your awesome contents and leave your blog. What Next ?

Readers who like your contents and want more to read from you, they should give that, else they will leave your blog forever. At this point you need to switch your focus to engaging with those readers and building community.

Respond to comments, reach out to those readers personally and do everything that you can to keep them back again. There are several different techniques to grow your email list. Hello Bar is just a simple example of that.


Step 5 – Establish a strong platform

You have keep growing in the knowledge of your niche so that your content gets deep and valuable. Use your blog to gain trust, be helpful, build authority, and get exposure.

In addition think about how you want them to experience your site ? what do you want to be known for ? All these are part of branding.


Step 6 – Choose your income stream

Till this stage you started a blog, created awesome content, Found lot of readers, you converted those readers to your regular subscribers,  Now this is right time to think about ways to generate blogging income.

With these first 5 steps foundations in place you’re now ready to start attempting to make money from your blog but you do need to be aware that just because you have set up your blog, have content and have engaged readers that the money won’t just automatically flow.

Continuous work and experiment need to make money from your blog.

Many ways out there to earn money from your blog. Lets check them one by one.

  • Display Ads

    • Display ads are images similar to ads in a magazine. They are positioned on your site in the sidebar, header, footer or within your content.They are also referred to as banner ads. These ads make your blog attractive and are relevant to visitors. Advertisers hope that visitors will click on those images to explore and purchase the products or services they offer.
    • Display ads are often provided through ad networks. Ad networks are companies that connect advertisers with publishers (bloggers). Ad networks act as a middle man between advertisers and publishers, negotiating partnership details between the two. The ad network takes a cut from the partnership profit. Ad networks are attractive to many bloggers because they take the hassle out of display advertising.
    • Google AdSense is probably the most popular ad network. No doubt you have seen Google AdSense ads as you have surfed the web.
      if you want to make really good money with Google AdSense, you either have to be in a unique niche in which advertisers will pay a lot of money for clicks on their ads (hard to find), or you have a lot of traffic (hard to get, especially for beginners).


  • Monetize with  CPC or CPM Ads

    • CPC/PPC Ads – Cost Per Click ( also called as Pay Per Click) ads are usually banners that you place in your content or sidebars. Each time a visitor clicks on the ad, you are paid for that click
    • CPM Ads – CPM ads or Cost Per 1,000 Impressions are ads that pay you a fixed amount of money based on how many people view your ad.


  • Sell Private Ads

    • Private ads are similar to display ads in that they also come in the form of buttons or graphics and usually appear in the sidebars. Partnerships are arranged directly between a blogger and an individual, small business or company.
    • Initial contact can be made by the blogger or by the advertiser. Be clear on what’s expected by both parties. Not sure what to charge? Look around to see what others in your niche charge. You can often find this information on a blog’s advertising page or media kit.
    • Selling private ads can come in the form of banners, buttons, or links. You can even make money writing sponsored posts where you write about or give a review of an advertiser’s product or service. Another option is to write an underwritten post or series, which is where you can write about any topic, but the advertiser pays for a “Brought to you by” mention in the content.


  • Affiliate Income

    • As an affiliate marketer, you promote someone else’s product or service in a post or elsewhere. You link to that product or service using your unique affiliate link. When, someone clicks through that link and makes a purchase (or completes a desired action set by the company), you earn a commission.
    • you won’t make that kind of money when your blog is small, but affiliate marketing is still a good way to start for several reasons:
      • It’s faster. Instead of investing months or even years creating a product, all you have to do is publish a link on your site. Assuming your audience is engaged, you could be earning commissions within hours or even minutes.
      • The income from affiliate marketing is almost entirely passive. You don’t have to worry about creating products, supporting customers, or any of the technical complexity of selling your own products or services. You can also invest the time you save into growing your traffic, leading to more revenue later.
      • It can guide future product creation. If one affiliate product sells 10X better than all the others you promote, you might want to think about developing your own version of the product, because you have proof your audience wants it.


  • Recurring Income

    • Another growing category of income that I’m seeing more and more bloggers are experimenting is recurring income streams (sometimes called continuity programs or membership programs).
    • This is where readers pay a regular recurring amount (usually on a monthly or annual basis) for access to either premium content, a community area, some kind of service, tools, coaching (or some combination of these things).


  • Sell Digital Products

    • If you are not interested to advertise other people’s product on your blog, or if you are looking for  another stream of income, think about selling digital products.
    • This can include items like
      • eBooks
      • Online courses, workshops
      • Images, Videos, Music
      • Apps, Plugins, Themes
    • Your music or video can be use by others as intros or outros. Try Audio Jungle to create your one.
    • If you are a master in code writing and can write your own themes or plugins. you can sell them at a place like Creative Market.


  • Sell Your Domain

      • Yes you read it correct. You can sell your domain and earn profit from that.
      • Sedo is perfect platform if you want to sell your domain. Every 2nd domain transaction globally is handled by Sedo.

  • Webinar / Online Workshop

    • If you think you are now a techie you can go for webinar or small workshop.
    • First get on your hands on a small, local events. Test it. figure out what works and what doesn’t. Then grow bigger as you learn.
    • If you want to create your own webinar, Webinar Jam will provide you the simplest platform at low-cost. Do it once or twice to refine your presentation and then start charging a small fee to those who want to take your class.


    • Paid reviews are a great way to boost your monthly income. You can quickly make $10 or more from a small review post.
    • Paid reviews are very effective because each review will presumably stay on the web as long as that website exists. So for an advertiser, this is very good. And for a blogger, it’s a great opportunity to earn more from their blog.
    • In most cases, paid reviews are done for backlinks, traffic and to exposure
    • A paid review is like a post, where you write about a product and people check it because of your review.


  • Offer Services

    • Depending on what are you good at, you can offer your services through your blog.
    • Services may include content writing, Logo creation, SEO, Blog setup etc.


  • Become a consultant

    • If you’ve established yourself as an expert in your blog’s topic, you can offer consulting services to other people or business’ who could use the help of your expertise. Alternatively, you could offer consulting services related to developing and writing a successful blog.


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What strategy do you use to earn money from your blog? Did you implement some more strategies to make money blogging ? Let me know in the comments below.

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