how to use twitter to drive traffic to your blog

how to use twitter to drive traffic to your blog ? Most commonly asked question from my followers. I can say, Now a days you are posting awesome contents on your blog.  keep it up 🙂 What if traffic driven to your blog is very less? actually do you have readers to read your awesome contents?  You know most of the traffic to my site comes from Twitter.

I like Twitter most because the people using it are so diverse. It doesn’t matter what is your business and for what you are here, you will find people instantly who are also interested in your skills. This allows you to find your targeted audience.

If you use Twitter properly it can drive a huge amount of traffic back to your blog or site. One thing I noticed from my experience that only tweeting title of your blog post with link will not work perfectly.

You need to be creative, pro active, and able to market your blog content effectively.

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How to use twitter to drive traffic to your blog

So you want to use Twitter to drive more traffic to your blog.
I use Twitter to update my followers about my new posts on my blog. It feels great when you post something and people start re tweeting and spread our articles across the globe.

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Before going ahead to see tips i considered that everyone know what is Twitter? And How To Create Twitter Account?

10 tips – How to use twitter to drive traffic to your blog

1) Small Tweets

– A tweet and specially small tweet can be a challenge to write, but according to my experience tweets with less than 60-70 characters get higher interaction rate.
– When tweeting your blog post get creative.
– Don’t stick with blog title while tweeting.

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Check out below example from Mashable. With this short and provocative tweet Mashable generate interest to click on the link.

short-tweet-in-twitter-how to use twitter to drive traffic to your blog


Now try it yourself. Take any of your blog post and write as short as possible.


2) # Hashtags

– it’s basically a word behind # that makes common discussion subject.
– Hashtag provide a great way to connect with Twitter users who not following you.
– If you want to drive traffic from Twitter to your blog use theme specific Hashtags. Like if you want to promote your blog, one page, your book then you can use Hashtags for particular thing.

Suppose you write a book named Awesome Blogging Tips, you can promote on Twitter with Hashtags as #awesomebloggingtips This create a platform where other users comment about your book.
– You can also use Hashtags for topics you used in your blog.

Below example shows how i use hashtag to see what followers are talking about my blog.

Hashtag-used-in-twitter-how to use twitter to drive traffic to your blog


3) @ Mentions

– @ is a great way to send tweets directly to a particular follower or anyone on twitter.
– If your post comments on famous author, blogger, customer, or company mention them in tweet that link back to your blog.
– They will appreciate your mention and your tweet might get retweeted to their followers too.
– You can also mention your favorite blogger or how i mention my followers and thanks them for being top new follower.

Mention-someone-in-twitter-with-@ -how to use twitter to drive traffic to your blog


4) Retweet

– If someone tweet about you or your content retweet that content.
– You can also ask for retweet (RT) to your followers.
– Tweets that ask for RT or retweet get more shares than those don’t ask for RT.
In below example blogismylife retweeted mt post.

retweet-in-twitter-how to use twitter to drive traffic to your blog

5) Visual Content

– Tweets with image link gets more engagement rate than those without image links.
– Visuals will go far more to help your contents stand out.
– When you create a tweet you can upload a photo. This will add a link to the photo and preview will appear in timeline.
– While tweeting a link for your latest blog post, use one of the image from your blog post to help drive more clicks on link.

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In below example Intel tweeted a very clever image on the 4th of July. Their blog post is about the technology of fireworks. In just 10 hours, this one tweet alone had 90 retweets and 49 favourites.

Visual-Content-used-in-twitter-how to use twitter to drive traffic to your blog


6) Be Repetitive

– When we post same content again and again on social channel people will start to unfollow us.
– But in Twitter updates from our blog post can be easily missed out by our followers.
– So share the same content several times with a small trick so that our followers will not loose interest in our blog
A) Morning First tweet with original image, link, and original heading
B) Afternoon tweet a quote and link to the article
C) Evening tweet with different photo, link and question which will create curiosity. That’s it 🙂

7) Buy Promoted Product

– When you don’t have organic follower don’t be sad.
– Consider paying on promoted tweet product option for experiment.
– It will allow you to target right audience and right demographic by focusing on keywords, interests.
– Twitter’s ad platform is easy to set up, maintain, start and stop as and when required.
– The best part about it is you can tailor your campaign as per your requirements.
– For any campaign divide your budget 50-50 to desktop and mobile users. Just to see from where your tweets get more traffic. And then accordingly adjust your budget.
– With paid advertising it’s always better to start simple and see the results you got.

In below example Jeff Bullas has used Promoted Tweets to drive more traffic to his blog. The icon on the left hand side shows that it is a paid tweet.

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Promoted-Tweet-how to use twitter to drive traffic to your blog

8) Communicative

– You won’t get traffic on Twitter and on your blog overnight. You need to build your presence on Twitter.
– To become a successful blogger improve your communication with your community. Express your interest and promote your contents.
– Sometimes tweet something not related to your blog which will show your passion and attract people towards you.

9) Add Twitter Gadget

– Adding Twitter gadget to your blog allow your blog visitors to be your Twitter followers.
– If your twitter followers have many followers, then there are chances that they may notice your blog name and start to follow you.
– Remember increase your network and traffic will start flowing through.

10) Include Blog Link In Your Bio

– When visitors visit you on Twitter first they can see about you is your Bio.
– When we write something in Bio it remains there unless and until we change.
– So including a blog link in your bio is great way to drive traffic to your blog.
– You can include a particular blog post link which you think that it should spread across.

Blog-link-in-twitter-bio-how to use twitter to drive traffic to your blog

Remember more followers will engage more with your blog post. More follower More traffic towards your blog.


To conclude with a summary

  • Tweet short, simple and curious
  • Use minimum two Hashtags
  • Add Attractive Image
  • Mention your idols, followers
  • Improve your visual Content
  • Retweet if some tweet about you
  • Be Repetitive but within limit
  • Communicate regularly with your followers
  • Add Twitter Gadget. Keep update about new Twitter gadgets.
  • Try Twitter paid advertising, see and analyse the results.
  • Follow these simple tactics and you will be able to drive traffic from Twitter to your blog.

What do you think? Do you try any of these methods? If yes, What is the result? What hasn’t worked for you?

Do let me know, If you have any problem Let Me Help You

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