How RSS Feed Will Help You

RSS Feed

What Is RSS?

People who love to explore information from internet then for those RSS Feed word is common. But for most of the people including me it’s a guff.

Yesterday i learnt about RSS feed and i want to share this information with you all, as RSS feed is very useful for everyone to stay updated with latest information. Also for bloggers if your site or blog doesn’t have RSS feed subscription option then you are missing a lot.

RSS is Really Simple Syndication. It is a technology which let you keep track of updated information from your favourite website with the help of any feed reader.

Now you can ask me one question no need of RSS feed i bookmark my favourite websites and whenever i want, i open that bookmarked sites. Why you are wasting your space bookmarking each favourite website? How many site you are going to bookmark?

When you subscribe to any website feed and whenever website will write a new post, you will be notified using RSS feed reader.

Why RSS feed is so famous?

When you subscribe to RSS feed on any website, there is no need to open that website everytime to check the updates. You can use any RSS feed reader to get the updates of the website.

Which Feed Reader Is Best?

Feed reader most commonly used are Google Reader, Feed Demon, Feedly, Pulse,  Flipboard and so on..

Google Reader used to be one the best feed reader used to subscribe to blog or site updated using RSS feed. But because of it’s less popularity google Reader shut down.

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After google reader shut down i found Feedly the most popular alternative to google reader. It is available for multiple platforms.  All you need to do is use feedly on your mobile device or browser.

On wordpress you get feed feature by default. My personal experience is not so good with it. I found this one little bit tedious. You need to burn your feed using feedburner. Subscribe using email is very useful.

How to subscribe to any website feed

When you visit any website say example you will notice an orange icon button on the side bar. Click on the link or button and there will be option to subscribe to feeds.

Do you have any other options for RSS feed? I want to hear from you.