How To Set up Feedburner Free Email Subscription Service

Setup Feedburner Feed

Do you know? You can avail Feedburner free Email Subscription feature and share more with your subscribers.

Yes Feedburner free Email Subscription is most important feature every blogger should offer to their readers. As of now you know that Email Subscription is the best way to keep your subscribers updated about your latest happenings from your blog.

Let’s see how you can set up Email Subscription feature.

To get most out from email Subscription feature you need to burn your feeds, if yet you have not done then read

How To Set Up Feedburner RSS Feed

There is number of paid Email Subscription services available but if we are getting lot more free why to opt paid option 🙂 But yes paid services are important if you have plan for the same to make money from your subscribed users and to get in touch with them occasionally.

But if your blog is just like me where our main aim to share knowledge then free option is the best.

Feedburner free Email Subscription feature can be used to notify readers via Email.

To activate Email Subscription
– Go to Feedburner feeds setting
– Click on Publicize
– Click on Email Subscription
– Click on activate.
– On next page copy HTML code and paste it into text widget of your wordpress blog. ( i will recommend to place this widget on side bar of you blog)
– You can also offer link rather than subscription form. For that there is another code. You can copy that link and paste on your blog. Whoever click on that link it will be prompted to enter email address in the form appeared.

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So which one you will prefer RSS Feed or Email Subscription?