Setup A Domain Name & Hosting

To create a website or blog you need a domain name & hosting account. Domain name is your address name which is used on internet. In my case my domain name is
This domain name is registered by my name with the help of domain name provider which is Godaddy.
You can’t use this domain name as it’s already registered.
By paying a monthly or yearly fees you can be an owner of your domain name for the specified time period.

Hosting is something like how you kept your personal things in your house, hosting helps to store your website’s files and setup additional features like Email account and many more.

So domain name and hosting will link together and work as one.

As i told earlier to register a domain name i prefer Godaddy. Godaddy also provide you web hosting service. Godaddy provides you more control over your domain’s setting. If in future you decide to switch web host, close your website or to hold the domain it’s easy by using Godaddy.

It’s your choice you can get any method to do so. If you choose any other web hosting service you just need to link your domain name with your host account and its very simple and easy.

So in conclusion you can go with Godaddy for domain name and web hosting service, choice is yours. But i found BlueHost offers better hosting service plan than Godaddy.

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