How To Setup Feedburner RSS Feed

Setup Feedburner Feed

Once you create your wordpress blog or blogspot blog, one of the essential thing you have to do is to Set up Feedburner.

It’s very easy and free service where you need to burn your feed using feedburner.

It offers some great features like free Email Subscription, where you can set Email delivery time,  Email title and many more.

Feedburner is owned by Google. So you can use Adsense for feeds to monetize feedburner feeds. One most important service i like from feedburner is Email Subscription Service. You can send free Email newsletter to your subscribers and there is no limit to the number of subscribers. Isn’t that cool thing 🙂

From SEO point of thing it’s good idea to use keyword or your brand name as feed name.

Let’s see How To Setup Feedburner RSS Feed.

Go through below simple steps to set up Feedburner feed which will help wordpress or blogspot bloggers who are still using default feed provided by blog platforms.

– Open Google Feedburner page and login by using your gmail or google account.
– On the first page you will ask to add your blog url.
– Copy your blog url and after logging into your google feedburner account paste your Blog feed address as shown in below picture and Click on next.

If you using wordpress blog your default feed address will be
– On next page add your feed name ( I will recommend to keep your domain name or brand name as feed name)
– Next page will display message like You have successfully created the feed your -feed name-

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Congrats you have successfully created feedburner feed for your blog. Now you need to install feedburner plugin.

After some research and reading review about one plugin i installed FD Feedburner Plugin. All you need to redirect all wordpress default feeds to feedburner feed. These plugins are simple to configure and are automatically take care of redirection once configured.

Email delivery time, Change in Email subject name are some of the tasks you can do using these plugins.

I tried to cover most of the part about feedburner feeds.

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Let me know Do you find it helpful? So that i can share with you more in-depth details.