Social Media Presence For Newbie Bloggers

Social Media Presence


Social Media Presence – Social Networking Sites and Search Engine Optimization runs parallel. If you are one of them like me who want to create relationship then social media is for you. To build this relation everyone talk about increase your social media Presence.

As i told you earlier in my one article Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social networking sites and the one where you can start your journey to increase your social media presence.
Search Engines index Facebook, Twitter and Google + profiles quickly.

Here i will try to share with you list of social media sites where your brand presence is important. Before that let’s see

What Is Social Media Presence?

One of my friend Andy asked me ” i have created my account on each and every social networking sites, that means i have presence on social media sites right ” ohhhh i told him “my dear friend creating account on every social media sites doesn’t show your presence, you have to take some extra efforts, like if you create a Facebook fan page that means you are creating your presence on Facebook.”

Creating account on every social media sites doesn't show your presence, you have to take someā€¦ Click To Tweet

Similarly there are a lot of social networking sites like Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ where you can create your profile and utilize for your online presence.

Once you increase your online presence you can directly connect with your readers, understand their requirements and their interest. Using social media presence you can improve your connection with your readers.

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Now lets see some basic points before you start your social media Presence.

Username ( Social Media Term Handle)

All sites allow user to select username. Keep in mind to target your audience select unique username. If it contains your brand name well and good.
Ex – let me help you has presence on all sites with username Letmehelpyou

Twitter – @letmehelpyou_s

Image ( Social Media Term Avatar)

A picture may be worth a thousand words but it stays there in memory longer than words.

Those who are in social media marketing know better value of pictures. I recommend your image should be unique and same on all social media sites.

If your blog or site has LOGO as image its well and good.

Profile ( Social Media Term – Profile Bio)
Like sales and marketing companies their profile speaks what they actually do and why readers should follow them.
Profile bio should be simple and straight to the point something i like @TechCrunch profile bio

One important thing you should mention your blog URL to let readers know more about you.


List of Social Media Sites Where Your Presence Is Important

– Twitter
Twitter is one of the powerful social media site where within 160 characters you can reach out to a large audience.
Getting on twitter is very simple and easy within a minute. You cab create your Twitter account, update your profile and show your presence on this site.
If you don’t know about Twitter here is my article to help you out.

– Facebook

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Currently Facebook is the most popular social media site. You can create page, groups under your brand name. Readers can connect with you by liking your fan page. once reader likes your fan page they will get notifications when ever you update content on fan page. Don’t forget to get your custom username, which will help in your branding.

How To Create A Facebook Fan Page

– Google Plus

Google Plus plays an important role as far as traffic driving, SEO things are concerned.
Google Plus is one of the newest social networking site which gaining popularity day by day among the bloggers.
So go ahead and learn

How To Create Google Plus Page


– Linkedin

LinkedIn is most popular social networking site because of its quality audience.
LinkedIn is one of the best place where you can find a lot of freelancing work.
Still don’t have Linkedin account go and sign up

– Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the social media site popular globally. You can use Pinterest for your brand promotion. Sign Up For Pinterest if still not.

– Youtube

Youtube is the best social media where your words speaks your article. Meaning videos are the best way to promote yourself and your brand.
Best way i like about Youtube is you cam ligin using your Gmail Account.

Finally how can we forget Quora

– Quora

Why i like Quora most is because we can get experts answers to our questions and that too free.
Quora can help you promote as an expert in your field and follow your brand keywords.
Whenever someone ask questions related to you or your brand you will get notified. Isn’t that amazing.

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Join Quora
– How To Create A Blog On Quora.

This list will go on. There are many other social networking sites where you can create your profile and promote your brand like Tumblr, Stumbled upon, Vimeo, Foursquare etc etc..

So social media presence is very important step for any blogger. If still you have been missing out for social media presence then this is the right time to start.


Hope i am able to give you in depth details about social media presence. Do you have some more ideas to improve social media presence? Then do share with us.